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Every Day Different Shows.

Every Day Different Shows

Dive Into Nights of Enchantment at 4play Strip Club Ayia Napa

Each evening at 4play Strip Club Ayia Napa unfolds into a spectacular showcase of talent and allure, making every visit a unique experience. Our exclusive lineup of nightly shows promises to captivate and thrill, setting the stage for unforgettable memories. Here’s a glimpse into the nightly magic that awaits:

Sexy Saxophone Show

Twice a week are for melting away the blues with the sultry sounds of our Sexy Saxophone Show. Let the smooth, velvety tunes caress your senses, performed by virtuoso musicians who know just how to stir your soul.

Every Day Something Different & Special.

Sexy Acrobats Show

Every Night turn up the heat with our Sexy Acrobats Show. Experience the thrill of gravity-defying performances as our acrobats twist, turn, and tantalize, showcasing their extraordinary talents in a display of strength and sensuality.

Sexy Violin Show

Midweek magic is alive with our Sexy Violin Show twice a Week. The strings sing in the hands of our skilled violinists, weaving a spellbinding blend of classic charm and contemporary flair that will leave you enchanted.

Sexy Fire Show

Every Night ignite with our Sexy Fire Show, a mesmerizing mix of danger and beauty. Watch in awe as our performers dance with flames, their fiery artistry lighting up the night with an irresistible glow.

At 4play Strip Club Ayia Napa, every night is a new adventure, each show a unique jewel in our crown of nightly entertainments. Whether you’re swayed by the passionate melodies of a saxophone, the daring feats of acrobats, the timeless elegance of the violin, or the primal spectacle of fire dancing, we promise an experience that’s not just seen, but felt. Join us and let the magic of the night take you away.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate nightlife experience in Ayia Napa. For reservations and more information, contact us today. Let every night be a celebration, only at 4play Strip Club Ayia Napa.


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